Mentoring Options

Mentoring Tracks

Where are you in your journey? Where do you want to grow and what areas do you want to develop?

The following tracks are available for growth in a variety of areas. Personally, before I invest in something, I like to know what I am getting. For this reason, I will be glad to converse with you on the medium of your choosing, to answer questions such as; what you will get from each track, what if you have to cancel, and how the content matches up with where you are on your journey in Christ. Track descriptions and pricing are as follows; each session is 60 minutes long, includes notes, (with practical application assignments), and time for Q & A or further discussion. Sessions can be arranged to fit your schedule.

Each track is composed of three modules and each module consists of three sessions. The cost of each session is $50, (including single and/or married couples), $35 each for a group of five or more, and $25 each for 10 or more. There is a 10% discount when paying upfront for a three-session segment. While the sessions build on each other, they can also be taken as ‘stand-alone’ classes.

Host a group of 5 or more, (not including yourself) and 50% of your upfront payment will be refunded at the conclusion of your module. Host a group of ten or more, (not including yourself), and 100% of your upfront payment will be refunded at the conclusion of the module.

REGARDING PRICING – Jeff Eggers Ministries is a nonprofit organization, and part of my livelihood is based on my income through these services. That being said, I want to make these tracks available to anyone who sincerely desires them, regardless of their ability to pay. If you can give more than the suggested prices, feel free! If you can’t afford the suggested prices, please email me and we will work something out.

Intimacy with God Track (Three modules)

The Author of the universe, the One who spoke creation into existence, Abba God, desires us and has great affection for us. David said, “In thy presence there is fulness of joy, in thy right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Yet many believers find themselves struggling with shame and a faith that is always trying to earn God’s favor instead of living out of His pleasure. This track provides the practical, and spiritual tools to see yourself through God’s ‘love lense’ and walk in confidence as His beloved child.

Module I

The Father’s Heart.

These three sessions focus on the Theology of God’s love, your identity in Him, and learning to confidently abide in the heart of the Father.

Module II

The Bridal Paradigm

Take a journey through Song of Songs. In these three sessions, we learn to discover the beauty of Christ and embrace His love for us.

Module III

Tools for the Journey

These sessions focus on practical tools for maintaining and going deeper into the knowledge and experience of God’s love.

Purchasing Options

Single Session – $50

Single Module – $135

The Prophetic Track (Three Modules)

Includes a copy of my book “Prophetic Like Jesus”

“Servant-hearted prophetic ministry is like a kiss from God. It brings strength to the soul and washes the feet of the saints with the word of the Lord”
-Jeff Eggers

Module I

Module II

Module III

Prophetic Ministry 101

Prophetic Ministry 201


This module covers the basics of prophetic ministry, including recognizing the ways God speaks, receiving and giving prophetic words, and tips for growing and stewarding prophetic ministry.

For those who want to go deeper, these sessions focus on interpretive skills, cultivating a prophetic heart of friendship with God, and the role of prophets and the gift of prophecy in the church today.

Dreams and Interpretation are the focus here. Are all dreams from God? What do symbols in my dreams mean? How can I learn to interpret my dreams in a way that makes sense? These questions are addressed in this module.

Single Session – $50

Single Module – $135

The Leadership track (Three Modules)

Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. It’s not about conforming to someone else’s methods, but rather about finding out how you work and developing a strategy from a place of confidence. The ultimate goal is to create a healthy culture that lifts the people around you in the expression of their gifts and skills while moving forward together to accomplish your established vision and goals. This leads to a productive and uplifting environment.

Module I

Module II

Module III

The Leader’s Life

The Leader’s Vision

The Leader’s Culture

The life of a leader is not an easy one. There are always challenges. Challenges without and challenges within. These sessions focus on the leader’s identity, character formation, and perseverance, all the ingredients needed to lead over the long haul.

Whether leading in a church, a ministry, or the marketplace, leaders need to know where they are going and why. These sessions focus on discovering your gifts, passion, and purpose, and putting them to use in reaching your vision and goals.

One of the greatest challenges is in creating teams to work together in accomplishing vision and goals. These sessions focus on building healthy cultures that empower people to express their gifts while honoring each other in the process.

Single Session – $50

Single Module $135