About Ministry

Who am I?

I grew up in California and was radically saved during the Jesus movement in the 1970s. I have over 50 years of ministry experience including several years of pastoral ministry and church leadership as well as some years spent in the marketplace. The Lord has also blessed me with the opportunity to travel extensively, both nationally and internationally, doing conferences and seminars for a variety of audiences on a variety of subjects.

One of my key passions is to see the Bride of Christ grow into the fulness of her identity, becoming a ‘city on a hill’, an agent of change and healing for communities across the world. My primary gifts center around teaching and mentoring about meditation and prayer, intimacy with God, establishing healthy leadership cultures, and prophetic ministry, with an emphasis on practical application in all areas.

My passion for helping people grow led me to write, “Prophetic Like Jesus”, a book designed to train the church in hearing God’s voice, cultivating a lifestyle of living and ministering from Abba’s heart, and serving people with the simple gift of prophecy.

My wife Cindi and I have been married for 48 years and have five children. We currently reside on California’s Central Coast, where I continue to encourage and mentor believers through a variety of platforms. I would love to put my years of experience in personal and corporate ministry to use to help you grow more deeply in your relationship with Christ and in the development of your ministry, calling, and leadership.

-Jeff Eggers


One of the main things I have learned about growth over the years, both personally and in ministry, is that measurable growth rarely happens accidentally. As an avid runner, running must be built into my schedule, or the time slips by and I talk myself out of running.

Growth requires intention, grace, and perseverance. My ‘mentoring tracks’ are designed to equip you with the tools you need to grow in the areas of your choosing.

If we pray we will believe; if we believe we will love; if we love we will serve. Mother Teresa


Walking in our Identity, (who we are), our passion, (what we love), our purpose, (how we fulfill what we love), and practical application, (how all these work together), creates growth in our lives. One of my joys is to see members of the Body of Christ live out of their passion and purpose. What areas are you looking to grow in? Under ‘Mentoring Options’, you can find a number of growth blocks to choose from. Check it out.


The last word to mention here is ‘Value’. We tend to give little value to what we pay little to obtain, and generally, the lessons we learn the most from are the ones that cost us the most, either upfront or on the back end. I believe you can learn valuable lessons and tools through my life experience and the practical and spiritual knowledge I have gained over the years. I believe you will find my rates reasonable, and I am also willing to work with you according to your budget. Contact me for a free consultation.