Called to Serve

I was radically saved in an encounter with Christ in 1970. Since then, I have Pastored three churches and served on staff at multiple others. I led a teaching and ministry team at a major international ministry for eight years as well as having taught in their internships and Bible School. I have travelled locally and internationally, training on subjects such as deeper life,(prayer and meditation), intimacy, hearing God’s voice, Healing and Inner healing, leadership development, and personal growth. I have also authored a book, “Prophetic Like Jesus”, which focuses on growing in the gift of prophecy.

I have also worked in the secular market place, and have been married for almost 50 years, and have five children.

“Let my experience benefit you”

All that to say that I have experienced a lot of life on my journey and have gained much practical wisdom from Abba in a multitude of areas. I understand what it is to succeed and to fail; to be on the mountain top and to walk through the valley of the shadow of death; to envision and build as well as maintain faithfulness in the mundane aspects of daily living. When Jesus called me, He called me to serve, and now I would like to serve you in whatever area of life you are seeking to grow in. Whether its a short term subject you wish to gain practical understanding and application in, or a longer term area of personal growth you wish to pursue, I would like to help. Check out my site and let me know how we can partner together.

Jeff Eggers

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